Frequently Asked Questions

Yes . FreiChat can run on any server with PHP-MySQL(any DB) and integrates with any website written in any language/framework such as PHP, Python, ASP.NET, Java, ROR etc. Whether it is your custom website or pre-built CMS, FreiChat works with all. FreiChat has ready integrations for most of the popular web platforms such as PHPBB, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and many more
FreiChat requires PHP 5+ and mySQL or any other relational database.
Yes, you are free to modify the code as long as it is for your own site. If you are a web developer, you may modify the code to meet the requirements of a project. However, you may not re-distribute the modified files.
FreiChat has been built from the ground up with scalability in mind, It will work smoothly for thousands of simultaneous users. If server load becomes an issue, you can install our Enterprise class PUSH server which can handle 100,000+ users.
Yes the software is pre-built with major foreign languages, However, language translation is extremely simple and will take only a few minutes.
No, our source code is 100% unencrypted; so you can make absolutely any changes you need.
Every purchase of FreiChat comes with 6 months free updates. Updates after that can be purchased at a discount price.
The purchase of FreiChat is a one-time cost. There are no monthly or yearly costs involved. Support and updates are provided free of cost for 6 months.
Yes, you can always upgrade by paying the difference.
We can only provide refunds in the case that FreiChat cannot be properly installed on your server. This means that both you and our staff are unable to install FreiChat.
The purchase of a FreiChat license is a one-time cost and entitles you to the complete source code for use on one domain. Support and upgrades are provided free of cost for 6 months.
You need one license per live domain. Although we allow it be used for testing purpose on your local or development/staging server.
Yes, every installation needs its own license
No we do not! Please contact us if you have such a need.
Customization is really very easy, we have a full blown option set in the backend. FreiChat also features a unique WYSIWYG editor for theming.
Yes, Please contact us stating the required customization.
We provide complimentary support for 6 months. Our excellent team of in-house support personnel are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service.
Our support team will assist with initial Software installation, general questions related to the script and technical errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified script.
Response times vary based on ticket volume but we do our best to respond to all tickets within several hours or the next business day. The average time is 3-6 hours. d script.
Our support is only offered through a ticket based system at this time. We've found this method to be the most efficient means to assist customers since it allows issues to be easily tracked and relevant information to be indexed. But our number is provided in the contact us page, we will surely assist if any quick help is required.
We offer the Enterprise version including support free of cost if your website is a Non-profit one and is doing something to help the community/people.