Antoine Jackson
Generally, I don't give no reviews, but I went out my way to give a review and give my thoughts and opinions about this extension. First, I would like to say that I've been using this extension for a little over three years now. This is an excellent chat program, it was back then (prior to it being listed on the Joomla! extension directory) and it is to this day. The support is EXCEPTIONAL, especially for a free program. They respond quickly and are willing to do what they can to help. The extension is easy to install and runs very smoothly! The settings are plentiful. I really like this extension, but even more important, I like the team behind it. I would recommend this to anyone! FIVE STARS all the way! Great extension, great team and all and all a great company!
Ascanio Roquette, Director-AVRO
We at AVRO would like to thank you very much for kindly providing us with your top-quality version of the FreiChat application. Most appreciated. We had already started testing the free version and our folks were really impressed by the performance and easiness of operation. We've come this far with a lot of determination, courage and confidence and as we close in on the launch date we do hope our efforts will pay off. Out IT members would also like to express their thanks to you.This new version will surely impress us even more considering the 'unexpected additional tools' (high-quality video chat, real time peer-2-peer messaging, and video snapshot)
Stephen Plamer
I just downloaded this chat extension and I works absolutely great. Just installed it and it worked. The support is great as well. Asked for a little change due to my needs. The response via email came within a few hours. The change within a day. That's I called customer friendly. Thanks for that!
I have just started the process of building an online community for developers on my website and I have high hopes for codoforum. Set up was straightforward and it blended with my template nicely. It seems to be a pretty big and powerful program so I expected teething problems but so far, so straightforward. It certainly has all the functions you'd expect from a forum, plus nice touches like the ability to embed source code and images within posts.
First of all codoforum has a unique and modern design. For users it's a great forum, The support is toooo fast, they respond really fast which is big plus. but when we speak for developers or admins there are many things that are missing; 1. Documentation for plugin developers 2. a few more themes would be nice
>> The forum is just a month old(released: 15 may 2014), we promise to add enough documentation and release a new theme by the end of this month.

Karan Ida
5 days after downloading codoforum, I must say I'm very, very satisfied about it. For what I see, it works perfectly out of the box, it's well designed, offers all the features expected for a forum and it's easy to customize. So far so good, and for my opinion codoforum is part of the FORUM hall of fame.
By far the best free chat extension for any website. The support is excellent through their forum. My questions were asked almost immediately.
This is my third website and I will ask them to install it with no problems ! Thanks for the new version for mobile ! Just on time when I nedded it ! Great component Excellent Support I would give 10 stars :) Bravo et merci !
This module is the best I have ever experienced. You may find a better module, but for that you have to pay. In the world of FREE EXTENSIONS for JOOMLA, you will never find a better module than this, not according to the functionality but the EXCELLENT SUPPORT. I could not imagine that the support for a FREE EXTENSION can BE THIS GOOD. The makers give the support personally, not only in their support forum, but through emails. And they try to the ultimate to solve the problem. I can only explain my satisfaction by these words that I am SATISFIED TO THE POWER INFINITY regarding the module and the SUPPORT of the makers. Excellent work guys and please accept my heartfelt thanks and my ULTIMATE GRATITUDE.
I had thought that I would have to become a superb programmer to be do chatting on my site, but this module just work perfectly for me. I feel like a guru... Thank you v.much. Would definitely contribute to this someday.
I managed to get this set up straight away with no issues. It works as expected cross-browser and it's integrated into my current project really smoothly. this has really impressed me. The custom theme editor in the back end only seems to work properly in Chrome, but this doesn't detract from the core functionality, which is why I'm still rating this extension as 'Excellent'.
>> It works in all modern browsers: IE8+ dark_dragon
Where have you been all my life? I have been looking all over for a decent chat applet that actually works the way that it should. This chat is amazing and improves with each new version, and the support is great. I installed it with no problems what so ever and it integrates perfectly with my Joomla based website. I do have one grip however, the description in the extension directory should be changed to reflect the latest version 6.3.2 because I want everyone to see how good this chat is. I bet you thought I was going to say something negative about Freichat but I cant find a single thing wrong with it and that's the truth.
Good documentation. Install was flawless. Default features work. Love the ability to send copy of transcript. The install setting menu is great. Hope VoIP and Video will come soon.
>> The requested features have been added.

Installing very easy , using very easy :) What else ?
Rod Bacon
I was using Freichat (with Joomla/CB 1.7) and it was working pretty well until I upgraded to 1.6.1 Things then stopped working properly and as I dug deeper I noticed quite a number of inconsistencies. I then removed it. After removing this, my website persormance increased a significant amount, telling me that this is probably not the most elegant code out there.
>> we tried contacting the user to fix the issue, but there was no reply.

This extension offers more than you would expect from a commercial one. The configuration is simple and straight-forward. Very recommendable!
Ganesa Putra Bayu
this extension really awusome. first i instaled this im fall in love with this extension, i recomend it for all
So easy to install and with such a good back end for setting up, could not be any easier, easily recommended, after trying many different chat programs this one does what it says on the tin!!
Its a very nice extension,but.. Its easyer to Handle when there is Member list to Select the Person who get the Massege.

>>The requested feature has been added.
This extension is really great and the support is AWESOME. You hardly have time to get any coffee or the guys at Evnix are already answering your call. I first installed the 3.5 version for CB as I thought that when you have CB you need to download the CB specific package. This version did not work because of my template specific issues. I was adviced to install FreiChatX and they gave me on the fly support during installation. It integrates smoothly with CB. When you have friends assigned and they are only, just start the chat! :-)
I recently rolled out this extention on two of my most popular websites that useually get anywhere from 2000-4500 views in a given day, and the response was AMAZING! When I had a silly error the support was within 30 minutes and they did everything for me while we were chatting on this amazing extension. The installation process is a bit different from traditional plugins, but that doesn't have to do with the amazing extension. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that really needs a chatting service for their users.
This is just PERFECT! The best chat system I've ever could imagine. Installation - 2 files - 2 clicks. Support - just excellent ! I needed help in styling with CSS - I've got an IMMEDIATE support, and 2 or 3 possible solutions. The author even came to my site a few times to test everything. He spent some time to talk to me using this very chat. Every question on his forum got his professional answer. This chat a MUST HAVE for CB or JomSocial !!! Module shows who of your friends is on your site, just click the name and start talking. Smiles included. Visual effects are nicer than in Facebook or other systems. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this absolutely FREE program. Oh... And guys keep working on it improving it every day ! Thank you so much for FreiChat !!!
This mod is fantastic. Simple, yet incredibly effective and does exactly what it says on the tin (to borrow a phrase) It runs like a dream and the config options in the back end on the latest version are neither too many nor too few but just right. It installs really simply and easily also. Support via the forums is fairly good and certainly prompt, the author clearly knows his stuff and cares deeply about what he does. Frankly, I'm surprised this mod is non-commercial.
For me component of a month at least, with fast support on Evnix forum. Thx again for help.
I just downloaded this extension and had in installed in 2 seconds - it works out of the box - looks great - and you can still work on it :-) thank you for this extension !
This component is excellent. I can communicate with my user when they are online. The developer of this is working hard to fix any bug. The support is excellent and developer of this extension is doing it for free. Good work
i've been waiting so long for something like this for free!! great module, and great support! :) thank you guy keep on!
Knowing from FreiChat pure and FreiChat CB versions, i know this extension for JomSocial is going to be great. I haven't been running into any serious bugs while testing it, and i give Excellent rating even if they are present somewhere. Person who develops this extension is extremely easy to communicate with regarding problems with the component. For me personally, there are no substitute yet for FreiChat - even commercial components don't do what i wish them to do. But FreiChat does it in an excellent way! Exactly what i need, which is same thing FaceBook Instant Messenger does, and on top of everything.... ITS FREE! I applaud the maker of FreiChat for working on this extension, and i take my hat off to him for making it free. I sincerely recommend at least trying FreiChat, or one of its 3 versions. Good going, and thank you.
Freichat is better than ever! Perhaps one of the greatest chat systems in joomla, has a great theme manager, great support, and is in constant development. What more can I say besides awesome!
Congratulations for this component. Great themes, and functionality. I totally recommend it. Great support helping me to put it working.
Thank you for this free great component. I tried to install cometchat without any success. But with Freichat, it's so simple and it works well.
Very, very nice. Simple to set up. Clean appearance. Great jomsocial integration. I only like to do stuff once, so I spent over an hour comparing jbola, comet, universal-ajax-chat, and this one. Jbola and comet are about $50 (and comet seems better). Univ-ajax-chat is $20, and I was about to buy but thought I'd try FreiChat first because it's free. There were 3 issues (2 with appearance and 1 with functionality) that I had to fix but then this thing is freaking awesome, simple, beautiful, and FREE. This thing is lightweight, fast, and looks sharp. Nice job guys!
This module was very quick and simple to install. It does an excellent job by creating a new floating window on the bottom right on the screen. If you have this set to only registered user then you do not get any guests showing up in the window as available to chat but guests are able to then chat to registered users. This is great to add a Live Help option to your site.
I tried other free chats, and couldn't get them to work. Always some type of hang up. This one took about 3 minutes to install and enable. It is working in Fire Fox and IE 8. Great little Extension, thanks for building it!
You're extension is ... 100 Thumbs UP ! great one dude, keep up the good work.. This "excellent" review, i think is my second one.. i am hard to impress :)
THanks for writing this ap! Simple to install. Simple and easy to use.
Very good extension: installation and usage are very easy. It works very well. Also it is free !! Thank you very much...